Thursday - January 12th, 2012

That’s the date.
Just a few more days and I’ll be flying across the country all by my lonesome, to be with my incredible man.
I can’t wait. I’ve already started packing half my closet yesterday. I have like, 3 outfits for each day. (I need to go through again and take things out of there…)

I’ll be flying into Kentucky to see him. He’s gonna take me to THE CIVIL WARS! (be jealous). We’re going to have our own little Christmas since we weren’t able to be together for that. We’re gonna go up to Findlay, OH to celebrate my 22nd and to be with some of my family & friends for a little while. Then back down to Kentucky to be with his family & friends. I really can’t wait!
I thought I’d be so nervous going back there and meeting his family & friends. But, the more he talks about them and what’s up back there, the more I just want to be with him and everyone in his life.

The only thing that I dread….is saying goodbye to him in an airport again…. :’(

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